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Are you planning to renovate your deck but you still haven’t decided what type of decking wood to use? Ipe wood decking is one of the best decking materials in the market today. This type of wood decking is popularly known for its intense durability, marvelous strength, and naturally exotic beauty. For this reason, Ipe wood is a perfect material for your deck.

Ipe Wood for Your Decking

Ipe wood is an exotic wood that comes from South America’s Brazilian Walnut. And part of the reason that Ipe wood is tough is that it grows in a tropical environment. And it also has oils and natural hardness so you don’t need to finish or highly maintained it. It can even last for up to 75 years with low maintenance.

You don’t have to settle for less wood decking materials, Ipe wood is highly durable and waterproof so it is very ideal to use on your pool deck as well. To convince you further on why to choose Ipe wood, we listed some advantages that you will benefit if you use Ipe wood for your decking.
Benefits of Ipe Wood Decking

Highly Durable

As mentioned earlier, Ipe wood is known for its durability. Even without treatment, it is naturally resistant to insect damage, fungus, and mold.

Aside from that, it is fire resistant. Ipe wood belongs to the same class of concrete and steel when it comes to fire rating.

Compared to other materials, Ipe wood contracts and expands less. And because of this, you can rest assured your floor surface will look good and last longer with less maintenance.

Uniform and Smooth Texture

One great advantage of Ipe wood decking is its uniform and smooth texture making your deck more attractive. And because of Ipe wood ranges from light to deeper shades of brown, it is a perfect choice for your deck.
Also, Ipe wood comes in different grain variation, which is why deck designers love choosing Ipe wood for decks.

Compare to other decking materials, Ipe stays cool even on hot and sunny days. So, you don’t have to worry about walking barefoot on your decks.

This type of wood doesn’t need sealing; you only need to apply oil to the wood to increase its ability to repel UV rays and water damage. Aside from this, you only need to mop and clean stains.

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